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The most serious exercise enthusiasts always get plaintive when they see their bike’s exercise pedals are too worn out to be used. This soon? They might rant out. It’s not a few of them who get too frustrated about their exercise machines’ parts that their plans on losing weight tend to get affected and disrupted or their desire to go on, impaired. Well, there are ways to counter the tendency of exercise pedals to get worn out really soon and extend the life of your exercise pedals to even a longer time. Here’s a guide on taking good care of exercise pedals.

Last updated on 19th June 2024 1:56 pm

3 Easy Ways to Make Exercise Pedals Live Longer

  1. Always wear good old rubber shoes. Going for leather ones won’t do as there’s nothing like getting your exercise pedals at their worst shape like trampling on them with such rugged leather pumps.
  2. Always make sure they’re oiled. Exercise pedals couldn’t get at their maximized state if all you give it to make it work is moisture from your feet and misty sweat. Make it a point that you maintain your exercise pedals by giving its gears some kind of rest through regular oiling.
  3. Always keep them clean. Scraggly-looking exercise pedals aren’t only unattractive to look at, they’re also going to cost your exercise bikes some additional maintenance expenses that might otherwise have been prevented had you simply remembered to wipe those disgusting crud off its gears.
  4. Always make your exercise pedals of high quality. Before you even buy your exercise bikes you need to make sure already that the quality you have for its parts, including of course the exercise pedals, are nothing short of the most durable. Keeping them so not only spares you the waste of time you’d surely get in getting it repaired, it’s also cheaper in the long run.

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